[Photo Credit: By Alex Hanson from Ames, Iowa - Chris Christie in Ames - 1/16/2016, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=54182660]

Chris Christie Blasts Trump, Claims He is to Blame for Democrats ‘Winning and Winning’

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reportedly now blaming former President Donald Trump for the Republican party’s recent string of unexpected losses at the hands of Democrats.

Christie, who was a supporter of Trump until he dropped out of the 2016 GOP primary race, has been increasingly critical of the former president, and in a TV interview Sunday, he put a fresh twist on one of Trump’s old campaign pledges when reviewing recent Republican failures.

“We all remember in 2016 he said if he got elected, there was going to be so much winning and winning and winning and winning, they’d get sick of winning. None of us knew at the time he was actually talking about the Democrats were going to do all that winning, not the Republicans,” Christie said before going on to claim that Herschel Walker was Trump’s “creation.”

Christie made the comments during an appearance onOn ABC News’ “This Week.”

Christie pointed out that in the November general election, another Georgia Republican, Gov. Brian Kemp, easily defeated Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams with 200,000 more votes than Walker.

Unlike Walker, Trump did not back Kemp, despite his support for former Sen. David Perdue in the Republican primary. Kemp campaigned for Walker in an attempt to rally support, but it wasn’t enough to send the former NFL star across the finish line.

“Bad candidates lose,” Christie said angrily.

“Good candidates have a chance to win. And Herschel Walker was not a good candidate,” he continued.

Christie is one of a few Republicans who are considering a presidential candidacy in 2024, which would put him against Trump once more.

Christie has recently criticized Trump on a variety of issues, including recent statements the former President made in which he claimed that he believed that they constitution should be “terminated.”

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