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Washington Post Backs Republican Candidate Over Democrat Because He is Against the ‘MAGA Wing’ of the GOP

According to a recent editorial piece, The Washington Post recommended a Republican candidate for his “responsible” style of government that would secure investment returns for Maryland citizens.

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman was endorsed over Democratic Del. Brooke E. Lierman because the Post claims he is a traditional Republican who is opposed to “the GOP’s MAGA wing” and would take a more measured approach than Leirman, who they believe will use the tax fund to reward companies that align with her political priorities and biases.

The Post went on to claim that a single political party exercising sole control of any one state was “a recipe for immoderation and poor governance.”

The Maryland legislature has been controlled by Democrats for a significant amount of time thus far, though the state’s governor, Larry Hogan, is a moderate Republican.

The comptroller’s primary responsibility is to monitor the state pension fund.

The Post went on to state that it believed Glassman “would focus not on politics but on investment returns that ensure benefits for tens of thousands of retired teachers, state police, judges and others.”

For its part, the Post has positioned itself over the years as a left-wing paper and has been consistently critical of former President Trump and his followers.

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