Photo Credit: By Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner - cnn express, CC BY-SA 2.0,

CNN’s Stelter and Lowry Make Embarrassing Unforced Error

CNN’s Brian Stelter recently made an embarrassing unforced error in his newsletter where he published a blurb from CNN media critic Brian Lowry  who tried to criticize a New York Times writer.

The Daily Caller reports that in Stelter’s newsletter, Reliable Sources, Lowry criticized a movie review from New York Times columnist Ross Douthat.

The criticism of Douthat included the statement that he “should stop writing about movies.”

There is just one problem, Douthat is actually a movie critic for National Review Magazine.

Kyle Smith of National Review decided to point it out to Stelter and Lowry.

He continued:

Smith wasn’t alone in his criticism, others decided to join the pile-on of Stelter.

This is another example of Stelter, Lowry, and CNN’s move to the left.

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