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CNN’s Don Lemon Questions Biden’s Ability to Run in 2024

CNN’s Don Lemon is following news from The White House about Biden’s intentions to run in 2024 with questions about his mental and physical stamina, The Daily Wire reports.

Lemon has sang the praises of Biden for a while, but now seems to be souring on the idea.

Lemon raised his objections to the idea of Biden running to Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who has been making Biden’s announcements for 2024 for him.

The move by Biden seems to be the consensus among top level Democrats who have started to lay the groundwork to replace Biden at the top of the ticket.

A report from The New York Times revealed that close to 50 Democrat officials are alarmed by the strength Republicans are gaining and as a result want to replace Biden on the 2024 ballot

Jean-Pierre has dismissed the veracity of the piece saying, “Look, what, that — that — that article that we’re talking about is hearsay, it’s salacious, that’s not what we care about. We care about how we are going to deliver for the American people. How are we going to make their lives better? That’s what the president talks about. That is his focus. And that’s where we’ll continue to focus on.”

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