Ambassador Heyman says goodbye to Rep. Kinzinger and Rep. Pompeo. [Photo Credit: US Embassy Canada, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

GOP Representative Adam Kinzinger Breaks With Party on Second Amendment

Retiring Representative Adam Kinzinger (D-Ill.) has broke with his party on raising the age to legally purchase a rifle from 18 to 21.

Kinzinger, who has aspirations of winning the party’s nomination for president in 2024, said that raising the age requirement from 18-21 is a “no-brainer,” The Daily Wire reports.

The Republican from Illinois made the comment during an interview with Jonathan Karl on ABC’s “This Week.”

When pressed about what can be done to prevent violence Kinzinger stated, “I think that raising the minimum age of gun purchases to 21 is a no-brainer.”

But more concerning is Kinzinger’s willingness to ban AR-15 style rifles alltogether.

Stating during the interview that he was, “definitely ready to engage in that conversation.”

Even Senate Republicans look to be giving up some ground.

Earlier this week Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he urged Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) to engage in talks to reach a potential solution with Democrats.

Kinzinger stated that his changing views come from mass shootings in America while also trying to say that he is a strong defender of the Second Amendment.

“I’m a strong defender of the Second Amendment… And one of the things I believe that for some reason is a very rare thing is that as a person that appreciates and believes in the Second Amendment, we have to be the ones putting forward reasonable solutions to gun violence.”

Kinzingers’s reasonable solutions appear to be restricting purchases to those 21 and older or banning the rifle all together.

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