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New CNN Boss Signals Cease Fire With Fox News

CNN made it a point to almost daily attack Fox News on its programming but a new report indicates that CNN’s new boss Chris Licht has begun laying the groundwork to make a truce with Fox News.

Licht doesn’t start until May, but reports show he is using backchannels to signal to Fox that he wants a cease fire on his networks coverage of the network.

It seems to be working already. Fox wasn’t mentioned once during the CNN show Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter.

The news also comes as reports circulate that Licht is looking to take CNN back to the hard news network it was built upon and moving away from opinion shows like Stelter’s and Don Lemon’s.

Interestingly, former Fox anchor Chris Wallace’s name is being floated to take over a primetime slot at the network. Wallace left Fox News for CNN’s new streaming service CNN+ right before the network imploded and its president Jeff Zucker was ushered out.

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