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Democrat Senator Joins Republicans to Block Abortion Rights Bill

An abortion rights bill has been blocked in the Senate as Democrat Senator Joe Manchin joined all Senate Republicans to block the measure.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule later this year on time restrictions on the procedure.

The bill that was defeated aimed to bar restrictions on abortions before the fetus is viable or if the health care provider determines there is a risk to the mother’s health.

The bill, which was defeated on Monday, was approved by the House in September and aimed to counter bill in Mississippi and Texas that limited access.

Even pro-abortion Republicans Senators Susan Collins of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted against the bill they said went too far in limiting religious objections to the procedure.

The two senators have introduced legislation that would make Roe v. Wade law and would allow health care providers with religious objections to refuse to perform the procedure.

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More GOP-led states are following suit to ban the procedure after 15-weeks, including Manchin’s West Virginia, and about 95% of abortions are performed before that time.

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