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Pelosi Ends Up Slurring Her Own Words While Trying to Defend Biden’s Mental Fitness

During a new interview that took place over the weekend, representatives Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared to stutter as she supported President Joe Biden in the midst of the repercussions that has resulted from his dismal performance in the debates that took place the previous week.

When asked if Biden should step aside given how patently evident it is becoming to the majority of Americans that Biden has the mental fitness required to serve as president, she made a series of awkward remarks during an interview that took place on Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” with co-host Dana Bash.

Pelosi made these words in response to the question on the show.

“This is an opportunity for Joe Biden to go out there and show he has the stamina and the rest. And, by the way, while the press — and, for some reason, they don’t — there are health care professionals who think that Trump has dementia, that his connection — his thoughts do not go together, not only that he just lies; he doesn’t even know the truth.” Pelosi said.

“So, if we’re just talking about mental acuity, let’s be fair about it. I don’t think Tom Friedman thinks that Donald Trump should be president of the United States. And while he may be saying we’re enablers, we see Joe Biden up close. We know how attuned he is to the issues, how informed he is.” she continued.

“When I debate with him about legislation — and not debate, but discuss it with him. He’s right there. So in any case, it was a bad night. Let’s not sugarcoat that. It was a bad night. It was a great presidency.” Pelosi concluded.

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