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CNN Reporter Reveals ‘Absolute Disaster’ of a poll for Biden On Air

A new survey in an important swing state is an “absolute disaster” for President Joe Biden and his campaign, according to CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten.

Among likely voters in five swing states, Donald Trump was determined to be ahead of Biden, according to new survey data from The Philadelphia Inquirer, Siena College, and The New York Times.

On Monday, Enten stated that Biden need to be particularly worried about swing states in the Sun Belt, such as Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia.

In three states, Trump has a lead of 13, 9, and 6 points, respectively, according to the poll.

At the battleground states of Greak Lake—Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania—Biden is performing better.

With a margin of error of just one point, the new survey finds that Trump is leading in the first two states and that Biden is leading in Michigan.

“Frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign, these numbers are an absolute disaster,” Enten noted.

The data journalist said that the increasingly diversified “Trump coalition” that has taken the lead on issues like the economy, employment, and immigration is a contributing factor to Trump’s success.

“The Trump coalition is becoming more diverse and of course those Sun Belt battleground states are more diverse than the Great Lake battleground states,” Enten continued.

More people who do not identify as white are voting for Trump, according to recent polls.

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