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Nancy Mace Claims Former Staffers Committed ‘Sabotage’ Against her

In a new interview, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), who has recently undergone a series of staff resignations and terminations, accused her former staff of sabotage and privacy invasion.

“I knew that they were sabotaging the office for a while. I didn’t know to the extent that they were doing it,” Mace said.

“The stories I have from some of my former staff are horrific, and were a massive invasion of my privacy,” she continued.

According to a source, nine Mace employees departed from her office between December and February. Before that, four employees departed over the course of six weeks in the summer of 2021.

The mother of two from South Carolina stated that one of her staff members compromised her devices and tracked her for nine months, gaining access to Mace’s medical information and her children’s calendars.

Additionally, former employees misappropriated approximately $1 from the office budget, she stated.

An employee would divulge the identities of newly hired personnel with the intention of generating negative publicity for them.

According to a number of former employees, Mace’s office was a hazardous place to work.

Two former employees who were interviewed by the Daily Mail refuted claims that her personal devices had been compromised, stating that members frequently exchange their calendars with staff.

Dan Hanlon, her December-fired former chief of staff, once declared his candidacy against her in the South Carolina 1st Congressional District GOP primary of 2024. His campaign came to a close two months later.

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