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New CNN Poll Shows Potential Looming Catastrophe for Biden

The most recent CNN poll dealt a severe setback to President Joe Biden’s campaign team, revealing a consistent decline in his popularity compared to former President Donald Trump over the past eight months.

Subsequent surveys conducted in late October and January indicated that Trump’s popularity increased by two percentage points (49%), while Biden’s support decreased by the same margin (45%).

In the most recent survey, published on Sunday, Trump maintained his position at 49% while Biden had a further decline of two points, reaching 43%.

According to the poll, Trump maintains his advantage with 42% support, while Biden trails behind with 33%. Even when considering the presence of independent candidates RFK Jr. (16%), Cornel West (4%), and Green Party candidate Jill Stein (3%), Trump’s lead remains unchanged.

Furthermore, when participants were questioned about the success of Trump’s presidency, 55% considered it a success while 44% deemed it a failure, adding to the already significant setbacks.

The figures have undergone a significant reversal since the identical inquiry was posed in mid-January 2021.

At that time, 55% of respondents regarded Trump’s presidency as a failure, while only 41% considered it a triumph.

Biden’s performance on the same issue was equally unsatisfactory: only 39% regarded his administration as successful, a decrease from 41% in January 2022, while 61% considered it a failure, an increase from 57%.

The president’s approval rating on the ongoing Israel-Hamas battle has declined, with only 28% of respondents expressing approval of his handling of the situation (a decrease from 34% in late January).

Conversely, 71% of respondents now disapprove of his handling of the war, an increase from 65% previously.

The survey collected data from a sample of slightly more than 1200 participants who were at least 18 years old.

These individuals responded to a series of questions between April 18th and April 23rd, 2024. The margin of error is ±3.4, with a confidence level of 95%.

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