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Governor Kristi Noem Admits to Killing Her Own Young Dog in Aftermath of Hunting Trip

The Guardian reports that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) recounts shooting a family dog in a forthcoming book, during a hunting excursion.

In the book, Noem, who has been mentioned as a potential running mate for former President Trump, recounts becoming increasingly frustrated with “Cricket,” a wirehaired pointer, who was around 14 months old at the time, during a hunting expedition.

Noem euthanized the dog after bringing it along for a pheasant hunt.

The author recounts that she brought Cricket along on the hunt with the intention of having her learn from the more experienced dogs. However, contrary to her expectations, the younger dog ended up spoiling the hunt.

While returning home, the dog managed to flee from the truck and proceeded to assault the poultry belonging to a nearby family.

When Noem attempted to seize the dog, she reported that it swiftly turned around and bit her. Noem stated that she issued a monetary payment to the family for their poultry and assisted them in properly disposing of the animal remains.

“At that moment. realized I had to put her down.” Noem wrote in the book.

Subsequently, she guided Cricket to a gravel pit located on her land and proceeded to discharge a firearm, resulting in its demise.

According to The Guardian, the story was recounted as an anecdote to illustrate Noem’s belief in the necessity of undertaking challenging jobs, and her fearlessness in doing so.

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