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Gavin Newsom Sends Out Warning to Jen Psaki

During a Sunday interview, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) firmly advised former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that the liberal media should reduce the amount of coverage and attention given to former President Donald Trump.

Newsom’s interview dominated Psaki’s MSNBC show, “Inside With Jen Psaki,” where they primarily discussed their grievances with Alabama and other Republican-led states that have enforced restrictions and prohibitions on abortions.

However, Psaki also dedicated a few minutes to criticizing Trump.

However, when she urged Newsom to participate in the verbal assault, he promptly halted.

Psaki chuckled while mentioning the former president’s trial over hush-money, which was set to commence on Monday morning.

She requested Newsom to alleviate her concerns that the case would perhaps benefit Trump.

Newsom briefly responded to the topic, affirming his belief that it is actually quite significant when a presidential candidate from one party is confronted with criminal allegations and might not go the way some Democrats think.

“That said, may I give you a personal point of view? This is a guy who doesn’t care if he’s the hero or the heel, he just wants to be the star — and in so many ways he gets what he wants, and that’s the bright spotlight and focus.” Newsom said.

“And when we’re focusing on him, I do worry, electorally, that he has a slight advantage. I’m a little concerned about the overindulgence around the day to day … The consequential nature of a criminal trial is profound and outsized in some respects, but not more outsized than democracy,” he added.

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