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AOC Claims There is Significant ‘Upside’ to Dems Abandoning Biden in Primary

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, has now announced her intention to vote for President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

However, she has also expressed solidarity with Democratic voters who are discontented with the president’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, as evidenced by their protest votes during primary elections in several crucial states.

In key states such as Wisconsin and Michigan, a significant number of voters have cast their ballots without pledging their support to any particular candidate in the Democratic primaries.

Their aim is to exert pressure on Biden to advocate for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza, where a large number of innocent civilians have lost their lives due to Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas.

Seven aid workers recently lost their lives in a devastating strike, intensifying the concerns expressed by critics.

Due to the unrest over the situation in Gaza, over 100,000 voters in Michigan cast their votes as “uncommitted” during the recent Democratic primary there. A potentially worrying sign for Biden.

The congresswoman stated that critics are attempting to convey a message to the president that may actually be more positive in some ways than some think.

“We need to acknowledge actually the upside of the uncommitted movement, which is that these are folks that could have easily given way to cynicism and walked away from this process entirely,” Cortez said.

She and others have demanded a cessation of hostilities between Hamas and Israel and have advocated for the president to follow suit.

She mentioned that she, along with other Democratic lawmakers, are encountering serious difficulties in their campaigns aimed at their reelections due to their positions on Israel.

She also emphasized the importance of Biden promptly addressing the concerns of “uncommitted” voters before it is too late for Democrats.

“If our commitment to lasting peace, global democracy, and our own values for freedom of speech and liberty — then if these are the values we want to protect then we have to acknowledge and see one another for the pain that we’re holding and once people feel like their concerns have been seen then we can start the process of coming together,” Cortez stated.

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