Chris Cuomo, Chris Coons, and Allison Camerota [Photo Credit: Senator Chris Coons, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Chris Cuomo Attacks Biden for Neglecting Welfare of Israeli Hostages

Chris Cuomo, the NewsNation anchor, strongly criticized President Joe Biden on Thursday, claiming that the White House’s stance on Israel was contradictory and sending a confusing message.

Cuomo cautioned Biden that he should not use political pressure, even from his own party, as an excuse for displaying weakness.

In light of Biden’s recent conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Cuomo addressed the issue at hand.

It is reported that Biden urged Netanyahu to prioritize a ceasefire in Gaza, even though Hamas, the terrorist group responsible for initiating the current conflict with an unprovoked attack on October 7th and still holding Israeli and American hostages, has shown no willingness to make any compromises.

During the call, the president indicated that the future of U.S. policy towards Israel would be reassessed and contingent upon Netanyahu’s reaction to Biden’s requests.

Cuomo seemed unimpressed, taking the opportunity during his Thursday monologue to directly address Biden.

“I know that the war in the Middle East is a major concern for you in the election, and I think that explains why you misplayed it the way you did today. You gave a mixed message. You talked tough, what sounded like a threat to your main ally in the region. And then you said you’re giving them more weapons.” Cuomo remarked.

“You’re treating the war against Israel as if it were another political point of compromise. ‘This is wrong. But this is wrong. And we need to do better here. And there has to be change and blah, blah, blah. Ceasefire.’ A lot of words, a lot of conditional language, a lot of half-speak, a lot of appeasement in a situation that is not about balance. It is about realities,” he added.

“…Hamas is a terror organization. You designated them as that. They stole people. They need to give the people they stole back to us, to Israel, first. The hostages have become an afterthought and that is wrong. And the reason it has happened is even more wrong. The reason it has happened is because other political exigencies and agendas have overtaken their relevance.” Cuomo concluded.

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