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Megyn Kelly Concerned Trump Has Turned Against Her

Megyn Kelly recently shared with Newsmax host Eric Bolling that she does not anticipate a future appearance by former President Donald Trump on her show.

It seems that their last interview has led to some tension, as Trump has been openly critical of her.

“I know you’ve interviewed him before quite a bit. Have you had him on recently? Would you like to have him on again?” Bolling asked her.

“So I had him on in September and I don’t know that he loved that interview.” Kelly replied.

“There was a contentious part about the criminal cases, and there were lovely parts too, you know, but Trump, he kind of wants it all to be lovely. He doesn’t want any contention, even though that works, you know, in terms of getting eyeballs to the interview, which is what he really likes.” she continued.

“And since then he, I don’t know, he’s kind of gone on the attack against me a couple times publicly. He’s still really mad about that debate question, so not sure he’s gonna come on anytime soon.” Kelly added.

“Still?” Bolling asked in response.

“I think so. He brings it up a lot.” Kelly replied.

The conflict between Trump and Kelly started back in August 2015, when Kelly questioned the then-Republican presidential candidate regarding his past derogatory remarks about women.

Ever since, Trump has consistently launched verbal assaults on Kelly, hurling insults her way, even though Kelly has been a staunch advocate for the ex-president.

Despite a temporary lull in their conflict, Trump wasted no time in resuming his verbal assaults on Kelly.

He accused her of posing “nasty” questions during their interview, reigniting the feud.

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