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Rogan Slams ‘Effeminate’’ NYT Writers

Joe Rogan recently criticized journalists from a well-known publication for their apparent disconnect from the average American.

He accused them of being more aligned with far-Left activism rather than objective journalism.

Rogan discussed his observations regarding The New York Times’ use of Instagram videos, where reporters discuss the subjects they cover at the newspaper.

Rogan proceeded to show a video featuring an individual discussing Trump’s rhetoric, suggesting that the events of the January 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot gave Trump’s words a different significance.

“They don’t understand what they’re doing. This is exactly who we thought was writing these things. It’s like this very effeminate guy and this woman that it’s like, the kind of woman that seems like she f***ing [would talk down to you at a party].” Rogan stated.

“The type of people that would, you know, these, like, these ultra-liberal out-of-touch people and these people are talking about, one of the guys was talking about Donald Trump’s words being taken out of context that it would be a ‘bloodbath’ because he was talking about the auto industry and the economy,” he continued.

“So this is The New York Times. This is these hard-nosed reporters with a cup of coffee that are like f***ing chasing down leads and they’re pulling their hair out and they’re meeting people in back alleyways.” Rogan added.

“This is Woodward and Bernstein, this is Watergate. Like no, but I mean, they’re, they’re essentially like ultra hard-Left activists that are masquerading as journalists and everything has their opinion on it.” he concluded.

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