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Geraldo Shreds Liberal NBC Hosts For Complaining About Hire of Ronna McDaniel

Geraldo Rivera slammed the MSNBC hosts who were protesting NBC News’ choice to hire Ronna McDaniel during a recent media appearance, calling them “pretentious.”

In the wake of public backlash from prominent figures such as Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Rachel Maddow, NBC News found itself under scrutiny for its decision to hire McDaniel shortly after her resignation from the RNC.

However, Rivera took a stand in support of McDaniel during Monday’s episode of Cuomo on NewsNation.

“I mean, the whole idea is that they were hiring her to be the ultimate insider, and here she gets washed away, she gets drowned by this tsunami of pretentious bullshit! Really, all of these people that have a stick up their behinds, how dare they! And for Mika to say NBC shouldn’t hire them, when did she become management? When did she become the, you know, the arbiter of who got hired and who doesn’t get hired?” Rivera said.

“Chuck Todd, I don’t remember his nine years at Meet the Press as being exactly triumphant. You know, she is the ultimate insider, and to say that they don’t want to hire her now because of election denialism, well then you don’t want half the country to watch your network because half the country is Republican, more or less, and they believe – a lot of them – or at least they’ve convinced themselves, about the election being, you know, fraudulent or whatever it is.” he added.

“Now I think that she’s wrong, I think that the Republican Party is going off the cliff, but the fact is they hired her to be who she is, who she was, and to them now, these other talent, you know some of them past their prime, to go after her–” Rivera continued.

“I hope she tells them all to screw it, she’s sticking around, forces them to fire her, and then sues them for millions because they have humiliated her in a very, very unjust way.” he concluded.

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