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CNN Correspondent in Charge of Data Can’t Believe it After New Poll Shows Trump Still Leading Even After Majority Claim he Committed Serious Crimes

Harry Enten, a senior data reporter at CNN, was taken aback by the most recent polling data for the 2024 presidential election.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are poised for a potential rematch in November, with recent polling indicating Trump maintaining a lead over Biden.

Despite facing criminal charges in four jurisdictions, including two federal cases, Trump’s situation remains noteworthy.

Enten appeared on CNN NewsNight to analyze the findings of four recent polls for host Abby Phillip and the audience. Every poll indicates Trump is ahead of Biden.

According to recent polls, Trump is leading by 2-4 points in various surveys.

Later in the segment, Enten discussed a specific question from a poll in The New York Times and the responses that caught his attention.

“Now, I’d like to dig a little bit deeper into the polling data. And this to me sort of says it all. ‘Has Trump committed serious federal crimes?'” Enten said.

“A majority, a majority of likely voters say yes, he did! Yet, he’s still ahead! How is that possible? Because look at 2024 Trump supporters. It turns out 18% of them say that Trump has actually committed serious federal crimes. And yet they’re still voting for him! When it’s numbers like this, I just wonder, what the heck are you gonna do if you’re Joe Biden?” he continued, in astonishment.

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