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Elon Musk’s X Reverses Decision on Censorship of Speech Critical of Trans Movement

X, the platform previously referred to as Twitter, has now revised its policies on abuse and harassment to reinforce guidelines regarding content that misidentifies or uses previous names of individuals.

This recent update arrives shortly after the platform, now under Musk’s ownership, lifted its ban on content that refers to a transgender person by their name before transitioning or misgenders them intentionally.

The revised guidelines specify that X will decrease the prominence of posts intentionally using incorrect pronouns or outdated names for individuals undergoing a transition.

Jenni Olson, a senior director at GLAAD focusing on social media safety, claimed that the update represents progress for liberal ideology but falls short of the more robust censorship that Twitter had in the past.

She mentioned that the requirement for self-reporting places a heavy burden on the “victim.”

GLAAD strongly opposed the platform’s decision to remove its original policy on so-called “deadnaming” and misgendering.

This change in content moderation at X under Musk’s leadership has faced criticism from civil rights groups and tech advocacy organizations.

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