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Koch Network Cuts Off Haley

A major conservative organization that has funded the presidential campaign of former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Americans For Prosperity Action, has now declared its decision to discontinue financial assistance to her in light of her fourth consecutive defeat.

The Koch network’s action follows Haley’s 20-point loss to former President Donald Trump over the weekend.

The organization’s late-November endorsement of Haley, preceding the Iowa caucuses, aided Haley’s campaign in the state and weakened Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the leading alternative to Trump.

Americans For Prosperity Action CEO Emily Seidel made the announcement in an email.

“And so while we will continue to endorse her, we will focus our resources where we can make the difference. And that’s the U.S. Senate and House.” the email read.

“If Donald Trump is at the top of the Republican ticket, the risk of one-party rule by a Democratic Party captured by the Progressive Left is severe and would do irreparable damage to the country,” it continued.

“The last 3 election cycles have painted a very clear picture of what we can expect from voters who consistently rejected Donald Trump and his impact on the Republican party brand. This has been reinforced by the recent elections in Virginia in 2023 and the special elections in New York and Pennsylvania just this month. And we should expect this to increase further as the criminal trials progress.” it added.

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