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Biden Administration Moves to Label more Black Veterans as ‘Disabled’ in the Name of Equality

A new Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) “equity” initiative is now reportedly seeking to designate a greater number of black individuals as mentally disabled.

At the moment, the rate at which black veterans receive disability payments for mental health conditions is nearly double that of white veterans.

However, the Equity Assessment and Action Steps for Mental Health Compensation Benefits, which were published by the Biden administration on Wednesday, stated that in order to achieve “equity,” that figure should be increased even further.

Although there is a significant disparity in favor of blacks in terms of receiving government disability checks, the justification employs a convoluted logic in which the Biden administration reduced the numbers until they discovered a secondary metric in which blacks lagged slightly behind: the percentage of individuals who apply for disability but are deemed ineligible.

The term “grant rate” refers to the proportion of individuals who requested a disability classification and were granted one by the VA, as opposed to receiving a denial of disability based on insufficient evidence.

The Biden administration maintains that the “grant rate” should be proportional by race, despite the fact that this would further exacerbate the existing disparities in the percentage of each race that receives payments.

The action seems to exert influence on evaluators, compelling them to either disregard fraudulent activities and unjustified disability evaluations for blacks, or deny benefits to potentially suicidal whites.

Furthermore, this situation creates a contradiction between the Biden administration and scientific consensus, as purportedly impartial medical assessments are influenced for political motives.

Half of veterans begin the disability benefits application process within a year of their separation from service.

The VA stated that whites were approximately 2% ahead of blacks in the second category, but that blacks were approximately 2% ahead of whites in the first category, where no racial “gap” existed.

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