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Biden State Department Announces Plan to Put ‘Equity’ at Center of U.S. Foreign Policy

Wednesday, the State Department unveiled its new strategy to integrate “equity” into every facet of the foreign policy formulation procedure.

As an update to the Biden administration’s initiative to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies across all federal agencies, the report was published.

These initiatives include supporting LGBT organizations abroad and integrating DEI into every facet of the State Department’s policymaking.

“Over the past two years, we increased our efforts to embed equity in our foreign affairs work through diplomatic engagements, high-level dialogues, multilateral efforts, foreign assistance, public diplomacy programs and messaging, and procurement and contracts. These efforts have raised the visibility of racial and other inequities globally and generated better-informed foreign policy to decrease barriers to equity and equality worldwide.” the report stated.

Certain Republicans have attempted to obstruct the federal government’s promotion of DEI on the grounds that it prioritizes race and sexual orientation over competence, according to the report.

The report highlighted a number of initiatives spurred by the department’s emphasis on equity, such as the U.S. Mission to NATO’s podcast on women in international security, the Embassy in Kyiv’s advocacy for access to an HIV pre-exposure drug, the Embassy in Kingston’s efforts to forge connections between LGBT individuals and Jamaican law enforcement, and the U.S. Mission to Poland’s assistance in coordinating efforts among ally embassies to combat hatred and foster an inclusive environment regarding LGBTQI+ matters.

The State Department stated that it intended to fund LGBT advocacy organizations and integrate intersectional equity into its public diplomacy programs and activities as future initiatives.

In the past, the State Department has faced criticism regarding its initiatives that prioritize identity, such as the allocation of approximately $50,000 in taxpayer funds to advocate for policies that promote transgender inclusion in Indian corporations.

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