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Liberal Reporter Blasts Biden For Spreading Fake News

On Friday, a CNN correspondent criticized President Joe Biden for lying about the conclusions drawn from the report by Special Counsel Robert Hur.

Hur, as stated in his report, abstained from seeking criminal charges against Biden despite the allegations that he intentionally held classified information pertaining to critical national security affairs.

In an unexpected speech on Thursday evening, Biden attempted to minimize the implications of the report’s findings while attempting to allay concerns regarding his memory.

Biden stated that he recites the rosary to honor his late son Beau, but he seemed to have forgotten the name of the parish church from which it originated, leading to silence.

Biden additionally put forth assertions that diametrically opposed the conclusions drawn in Hur’s report concerning the documents discovered at his residence, as reported by Min Jung “MJ” Lee, the White House correspondent for CNN.

“Yeah, a couple of things from our colleague, Daniel Dale, that I think are worth highlighting on air. For one, the president said that everything that was discovered in his home were in filing cabinets that were either locked or able to be locked.” Lee said.

“Well, the report says, yes, there were some documents that were inside of cabinet drawers, but there were other documents, including ones related to Afghanistan, found in an unsealed and badly damaged box inside the garage. Some of these photos obviously show the bad shape that some of these things were in. He said that there were notebooks, too, that were in unlocked drawers in the office and den of the president’s Wilmington home. Something else that the president said. He said that none of the documents were high-classified,” she continued.

“But if you look at the report, it specifically says that some of these documents were marked as top-secret, sensitive, compartmented information, which is a high level of classification, and that there were some notebooks that contained information that were also at this level. Just the last thing I would point out, too: The president said in his remarks yesterday that he didn’t share any classified information with his ghost writer. This is the ghost writer who helped him work on his memoir,” Lee added.

“Well, the report explicitly says the opposite. It says that the president shared information, some of which were classified, with this ghost writer, and read from some notebooks, including notes that came from meetings in the Situation Room. So, clearly, the president was trying to defend himself, but there were some comments that were contradictory to the details that were in this long report,” Lee concluded.

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