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Joy Ann Reid Attempts to Blame Haley’s Dismal Iowa Performance on Racism

Joy Reid concluded that Nikki Haley’s prospects of securing the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination are exceedingly remote, given the extent to which Donald Trump has exposed the GOP’s xenophobia and bigotry.

Despite the former president’s resounding victory in the Iowa caucuses, Haley presented herself as self-assured last night, despite her third-place finish trailing only Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Trump.

Reid discussed Haley’s future prospects with her network colleagues during MSNBC’s live coverage of the caucuses.

She expressed skepticism regarding Haley’s ability to flourish, attributing it to bigotry within the Republican Party.

“It’s the elephant in the room. She’s still a brown lady that’s got to try to win in a party that is deeply anti-immigrant, and which accepts the notion you can say immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country.” Reid said.

“She’s getting birthered by Donald Trump, and I don’t care how much the donor class likes her — which will ramp up a lot the better she does in New Hampshire — it’s still a challenge.” she continued.

“I don’t see how she becomes the nominee of that party with Donald Trump still around. I can’t picture it happening. Maybe it could happen. Ron DeSantis’ only argument for staying in it is he’s the white guy, that he can still make the appeal to white evangelicals.” Reid concluded.

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