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Noem Slams Haley in Wake of VP Rumors

Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential candidate, was criticized by Republican governor Kristi Noem (R), who compared her to a shapeshifter whose positions change to suit her “political agenda” at the moment.

During her appearance on The Balance on Newsmax on Tuesday, Eric Bolling inquired whether Noem is a candidate to succeed former President Donald Trump as his vice presidential nominee. It was the governor’s claim of ignorance.

“If he picked Nikki Haley, would that be a mistake?” Bolling asked Noem.

“Yes. But if he picked her, I would tell him I disagreed with him. But then I would support the ticket because he’s still the president [sic] and the president still makes the decisions and, you know, I just, I’ve had a lot of disagreements with Nikki Haley over the years. And I just don’t know which Nikki Haley is gonna show up every day. She’s a different person, depending on whatever works for her political agenda.” Noem said without hesitation.

At this time, Trump, who is being investigated for indictment in four different jurisdictions, is leading the rest of his Republican opponents in the polls by a significant margin.

Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and United Nations ambassador during the Trump administration, has been subject to consistent criticism from the former president, who has frequently referred to her as ‘bird brain.’

However this hasn’t stopped persistent rumors that he may be seriously considering her for his vice presidential pick after the primaries have concluded.

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