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Haley Gets Brutally Humiliated by Fourth Grader

On Thursday, while fielding questions during a campaign visit in North Conway, New Hampshire, Nikki Haley encountered an unexpected critic in the form of a highly articulate nine-year-old boy.

“Chris Christie thinks you’re a flip-flopper on the Donald Trump issue, and honestly, I agree with him. You’re basically the new John Kerry. If you remember Kerry from 2004.” he said

“How can you change your opinion like that in just eight years, and will you pardon Donald Trump?” he continued.

Haley, who had just attempted to rectify her error regarding the Civil War, responded with an inquiry regarding the boy’s name and age.

The child identified himself as Adam, a fourth-grader, and nine years old. Haley claimed that she was ‘proud’ of the young man for attending the occasion and posing such an intellectually challenging inquiry.

“I told you that I agreed with a lot of his policies. But do I think he’s the right president to go forward? No. We can’t handle the chaos anymore.” Haley said in response.

 “I mean God bless him, he’s a friend. He’s obsessed with Trump. He sleeps, eats and breathes it, every day. I’m thinking bigger than that. If we do that, we’re no different than Trump.” Haley said regarding Christie.

Haley added that she was contemplating a pardon for Trump.

“What’s in the best interest of the country is not to have an 80-year-old man sitting in jail that continues to divide our country.” she concluded.

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