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Senator Chuck Grassley Claims He Hasn’t Been Able to Find Any Biden Wrongdoing in Probe

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) stated that he has “no evidence” that President Biden was involved in the international business transactions of his son Hunter Biden.

“I’m going to take the same position that I’ve taken since 2019 that all I can say is there’s some indication, maybe some compromise with China particularly, but I have no evidence of it,” Grassley said.

Grassley continued, stating that  “haven’t taken me to that point where I can say that the president’s guilty of anything.”

Wednesday morning, Hunter Biden appeared at the Capitol in defiance of a subpoena issued by House Republicans in connection with their investigation into his business dealings, which was intended to be a probe into the impending impeachment inquiry against his father.

Hunter Biden stated that he was in a public setting at the Capitol to testify, defying the investigators’ request for a closed-door deposition.

By a vote later on Wednesday, House Republicans formally initiated the impeachment investigation into Biden.

By a vote of 221-212 along party lines, the authorization of the inquiry was approved by the legislature.

The inquiry encompasses comprehensive examinations of the personal and professional finances of individuals affiliated with the Biden family, as well as the ongoing investigation by the Justice Department into his son’s tax evasion.

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