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Former Top Biden/Sanders’ Advisor Leaves Democrat Party for GOP

Will Pierce, a former top advisor to both current President Joe Biden and far-left Senator Bernie Sanders has now decided to abandon the Democratic party in favor of the GOP.

Pierce made the announcement in a high-profile op-ed in The Daily Caller.

But despite my active involvement in the Democratic Party, the concerns I hold regarding the party’s direction in recent years can no longer be ignored. ” Pierce said.

I love our country. That is why I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party, a party that is focused on dividing us by radicalizing every issue and undermining our rights enshrined in the Constitution.” he continued.

Pierce cited a number of reasons for his decision to abandon the increasingly radical Democrats for the Republican party, chief among them was the party’s continued disconnect from the concerns of normal Americans.

The main reason I am leaving the Democratic Party is its utter disconnect with the American people. The party that once championed the working class has now been overtaken by elites in affluent hubs who couldn’t care less about the struggles of the average American. This shift has left many Americans, including myself, unheard and feeling like an afterthought of the Democratic Party.” Piece stated.

Pierce continued, mentioning radical sexual ideology and the weaponization of race as two of the Democratic party’s most grevious sins, which he could no longer abide:

Also, the Democratic Party’s shift toward identity politics has steered us away from the timeless belief of judging individuals by their character, and not by the color of their skin or similar characteristics. The weaponization of race and gender identity for partisan political purposes does a significant disservice to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, and is a detriment to us all.” Pierce said.

Pierce concluded by pointing to the Democrat leadership and its current lack of credibility and competence:

The Democratic Party’s leadership also raises concerns. President Biden’s struggles while doing the job day to day, coupled with controversies surrounding his family, have brought forward serious issues that warrant our careful consideration. The heavy-handed influence of the Clinton dynasty within the Democratic party further adds to the narrative of a party entangled in controversies and detached from the concerns of everyday Americans.” he said

 “…In this unsettling scenario, the “elites” indulge in the luxury of private jets and utilize taxpayer funds for personal gain. They are far more concerned with consolidating power than with genuinely addressing the needs and concerns of the American people.” he concluded.

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