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Far-Left Democrat Pramila Jayapal Blasted by Critics for Bizarre Comments About Hamas Rapes of Israelis

Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) was criticized by conservatives and left-leaning political figures and commentators, as well as independents and Democrats, on Sunday, following a confrontation by CNN anchor Dana Bash with the lawmaker regarding the “progressive women” who have remained silent regarding sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas against women since the October 7 terror attack.

On Sunday, Jayapal appeared alongside Bash in the studio for CNN’s State of the Union.

The interview took an unexpected turn when Jayapal qualified her condemnation of Hamas’ rapes and sexual assaults by mentioning Palestinian casualties caused by Israeli airstrikes and stating that condemnation must be “balanced.”

Bash concurred that the loss of life among civilians is abhorrent, but noted that Israeli soldiers do not rape Palestinian women.

Left-leaning advocates and prominent Democrats on X (formerly Twitter) and elsewhere criticized her remarks, including Christine Pelosi, the daughter of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

While the majority of the criticism directed at Jayapal originated from the right, those on the left persisted in vilifying her for her partial condemnation of sexual violence.

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