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Transgender Activist Loses Speech Case

One of the more radical transgender activist politicians in the country received a stunning defeat at the hands of a judge earlier in the week. Montana state representative Zooey Zephyr, who is transgender, had been blocked from speaking following a censure by the Montana House of Representatives in April. 

Zephyr had been banned from speaking following an attempt to disrupt Hosue proceedings discussing whether the state should ban children from being allowed to be given hormones to change their gender. 

The Daily Caller writes

Zephyr was disciplined by House officials on April 26 for breaking legislative protocol after Zephyr held up a microphone to support protesters, several of whom were arrested at the demonstration several days prior. Zephyr filed a lawsuit against Republican state House Speaker Matt Regier and the House’s Sergeant of Arms Bradley Murfitt for allegedly violating Zephyr’s right to freedom of speech, but District Judge Mike Menahan argued that the legislature does have the right to discipline members who violate the rules, according to court documents.

“Article V, Section 10 of the Montana Constitution provides the Legislature the authority to discipline its members,” Menahan wrote. “Unlike in Ramon where the court found an answer would ‘benefit Montana law enforcement officers by providing authoritative guidance on an unsettled issue regarding their authority,’ the Legislature’s disciplinary authority is not an unsettled issue.”

The protests were regarding a bill that would ban doctors from prescribing cross-sex hormone treatments for minors, and Zephyr claimed during a debate on the state House’s floor that anyone who voted yes on the proposed law would have “blood on [their] hands.” Zephyr’s 28-page lawsuit argued that the decision to censure “unlawfully silenced [Zephyr]” by refusing to allow debate.

The judge declared Zephyr’s lawsuit as “moot” because the censure period had ended. The judge also rejected the notion that Zephyr’s censure would impact members’ performance in their duties, asserting that the legislature possesses the authority to discipline elected officials.

Zephyr has become a prominent voice on the left in support of allowing children to switch their genders through medical intervention. 

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