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‘Race Riots’ Break out in Dublin Ireland After Migrant Goes on Stabbing Rampage

On Thursday evening, in Dublin, riots broke out after at least one hundred individuals took to the streets and clashed with police in response to a knife attack at a school that injured three young children.

A man in his fifties, who was detained as a “person of interest” and suffered injuries, allegedly assaulted multiple individuals on Thursday at approximately 1:30 p.m. local time in the vicinity of Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire, an educational institution situated at Parnell Square East in the northern region of Dublin city center.

Reportedly, a five-year-old girl is presently undergoing critical medical treatment in a hospital as an emergency patient.

Additionally, a woman in her 30s was admitted to the hospital. Two additional children, a girl, 6, and a boy, 5, were treated for less severe injuries.

The BBC reported hours after the attack that demonstrations had broken out in an area near the school, with masses of people chanting anti-immigration slogans, torching police vehicles, looting local stores, and assaulting officers.

Some of the protesters were masked and armed with metal bars.

A total of 400 officers were dispatched to the location armed with riot shields and batons with the objective of managing the disorder.

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