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Joe Scarborough in Disbelief After Seeing Polling Showing Trump Beating Biden

‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough was apparently astounded by a new poll indicating that voters have more faith in former President Donald Trump than in President Joe Biden on critical issues.

In a recent poll conducted by the Marquette University Law School, 50% of registered voters have faith in Trump to manage inflation, while only 27% have faith in Biden.

52% of respondents trust Trump on the economy, compared to 28% for Biden, and more voters trust Trump than Biden on immigration and border security, job creation, and international relations.

On Medicare, social security, abortion policy, and climate change, voters had more faith in Biden than in Obama.

“There’s been one poll after another poll after another poll this week that has shown that the Republicans are just absolutely bashing Democrats when it comes to issues. In fact, Gallup had to pull a few days ago where they reported the largest gap between Republicans and Democrats since they started taking these polls. And despite the fact Republicans have a massive lead, we always go late. How can people still go along and Republicans to go along with Donald Trump?” Scarborough said.

“It’s a close race. We know that. But look at this. Republicans or Democrats on issues like inflation, the economy, immigration —these are 25, nearly 30 point margins creating jobs.” Scarborough’s co-host Jonathan Lemire said.

“It’s unbelievable,” Scarborough added.

“Huge, huge numbers. Now, the other way, Democrats, as you might expect, more trusted more on climate change, abortion policy, but policy, health care, Medicare and the like. But elections so often, Joe, as you well know, are decided on the economy. And these are big warning signs here. And certainly, there have been some other surveys and swing state voters, particularly among suburban voters who dislike Trump immensely but still really disapprove of how this White House has handled the economy.” Lemire concluded.

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