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Texas Governor Greg Abbot Officially Endorses Trump for President

Former President Trump received the official endorsement of Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) for the Republican primary nomination on Sunday, at an event commemorating service members stationed along the Texas border.


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Abbott lauded Trump’s border policies in his address, which included the construction of a physical barrier along the border, the abolition of capture and release practices that permit undocumented immigrants to remain in detention while their legal cases are heard in court, and Title 42.

Subsequent to Abbott’s endorsement, Trump expressed gratitude to the governor and pledged to streamline his responsibilities to an extreme degree should he be elected president.

At an occasion in Edinburg, Texas, Abbott and Trump distributed meals in the wee hours of the morning to service members, including Texas National Guard soldiers and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers.

“Joe Biden is causing a potential terror threat in the United States of America. A president has one ultimate responsibility and that’s national security. Joe Biden has failed at national security. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is no way, no way that America can continue under the leadership of Joe Biden as our president.” Abbot proclaimed during the event.

“We need a president who’s going to secure the border. We need a president who’s going to restore law and order in the United States of America. Not letting these criminals run ransack over the stores that you see images of almost nightly. We need a president who’s going to restore world peace as opposed to this outbreak of warfare under Joe Biden. We need Donald J. Trump back as our president of the United States of America,”  he continued.

Abbott, an enduring supporter of the former president, lauded Trump’s position on the border while criticizing the manner in which the Biden administration managed the frontier.

On Sunday, Trump was observed shaking hands with the service members and posing for photographs.

Following the distribution of meals, Abbott and Trump proceeded to address a gathering of supporters outside the airport hangar.

Prior to this, Trump visited the state on multiple occasions as a presidential candidate and while in office.

Both he and Abbott’s administration have maintained a significant emphasis on immigration and the border throughout both of their respective campaigns.


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