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REPORT: Biden Skipping Own 81st Birthday Due to Public’s Concerns About His Age

On Monday at the White House, President Joe Biden attempted to downplay his advanced age while pardoning turkeys.

However, MSNBC host Peter Baker, a correspondent for the New York Times, cautioned against anticipating extravagant festivities to commemorate the president’s 81st birthday.

Baker stated that the White House continues to attempt to deflect attention from Biden’s age, with some Democrats even urging him to stand aside and allow a younger candidate to run in 2024.

“You’re not going to see a big lavish celebration the way Barack Obama celebrated his 50th birthday in office or Bill Clinton celebrated his birthdays in office with fundraisers and concerts and all that. You’re going to see basically almost nothing,” Baker said.

“I mean, he’s not going to do anything in public about it today, doesn’t want to call attention to it. He’ll celebrate in private up in Nantucket with his family tomorrow when he goes up for the Thanksgiving holiday.” he continued.

“The White House, I think, is pretty tired of talking about this issue but it is one of the most salient issues out there according to all the polls, not just the Trump people think he’s too old; it’s that too many Democrats from the point of view of the White House think he is too old. At age 81, it’s hard for him to convince otherwise.” he added.

“Now, what you see from the White House is, “Look, judge him by his record and performance.” You see, just in the last few weeks alone, a president who is not only managing this war in the Middle East, maybe not to everybody’s liking, but certainly showing great energy in doing so. But also meeting with the leader of China, with leaders from Asia, with leaders from Latin America and the leader of Mexico, and so on.” he concluded.

At present, RealClearPolitics reports that Trump leads Biden by a margin of 1.5 points.

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