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Man who Assaulted Rep. Angie Craig in D.C. Elevator Sentenced to 27 Months

The man who earlier this year attacked police officers and Representative Angie Craig (D-MN) in the elevator of her apartment building in Washington, D.C., was sentenced to jail time on Thursday.

Kendrid Hamlin, a homeless individual of 27 years of age and who posses a significant criminal record, was sentenced by a judge to two years and three months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, in relation to the February incident.

In light of Hamlin’s “extraordinary criminal history” and his admission of guilt for assaulting a member of Congress and law enforcement officers who detained him, prosecutors had requested a more severe sentence—39 months in prison as opposed to the 27 months and three years of supervised release that he ultimately received.

Craig claims she observed Hamlin behaving erratically in the apartment building foyer prior to his following her into an elevator, where he struck her in the face, grabbed her by the neck, and threw her against a steel wall.

The congresswoman hurled her steaming coffee at the fellow in an attempt to escape.

The judge indicated that he would advise Hamlin to complete his sentence in a medical facility operated by the Bureau of Prisons and mandate that he pursue treatment for substance addiction and mental health issues upon his release.

Craig, a congresswoman who served for three terms, stated in a victim impact statement that the assault caused her to suffer from bruising, a cut lip, and several days of pain and distress.

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