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Investigation Reveals Funding For Violent Protests Across Country

Over the past few weeks, anti-Israel protests have roiled cities across the country, leading to at least one murder of an elderly Jewish man. Earlier in the week, things may have gotten too close for comfort for the Democrats. A mob descended upon the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in DC, trapping members of Congress inside. 

Rep. Debbie Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan, told The Detroit News that the attack against DNC HQ “rattled me more than Jan. 6 did. I was scared. Someone is going to get hurt at one of these things. They can get out of control.”

The growing protests and violence has left many wondering: When did so many American activists start caring so much about Palestine in the first place? 

The answer is when they started getting paid to care. 

The Washington Free Beacon writes

Protesters with IfNotNow, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Democratic Socialists of America gathered outside the Democratic headquarters to pressure lawmakers to support a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. According to U.S. Capitol Police, six officers were assaulted, including some who were pepper-sprayed, when they tried to prevent demonstrators from blocking an exit from the building with a dumpster. Officers arrested one man, 24-year-old Ruben Camacho, who punched a female officer in the face.

“We have handled hundreds of peaceful protests, but last night’s group was not peaceful,” Capitol Police said in a statement.

Wednesday’s violence could draw scrutiny for supporters of the left-wing groups, especially given the focus in recent years on assaults of Capitol Police officers on Jan. 6, 2021. Soros’s philanthropy, Open Society Foundations, has given $650,000 to Jewish Voice for Peace since 2017 to fund the group’s “human rights” work in the Middle East. Open Society awarded $400,000 to IfNotNow in 2019 and 2021, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Soros, the Democratic Party’s most prolific donor, has contributed $1,036,500 to the DNC since 2020, according to campaign finance records.

A recent poll showed that Americans do not stand with the astroturf funded by Soros. Instead, they support Israel. 

The YouGov poll backs up a recent poll by Harris showing that over “eight in ten Americans believe Israel has a responsibility to protect its citizens and strike back.

82% support Israel sending troops into Gaza to attempt to free hostages and eliminate the Hamas terrorist threat. 

Overwhelming majority holds Hamas responsible for humanitarian challenges in Gaza and holds the terrorist organization responsible for using civilians as human shields.”

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