[Photo Credit: By Office of the Governor of California - https://twitter.com/CAgovernor/status/1301193126535544833/photo/1, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=94037967]

Gavin Newsom Roughs Up Small Child During Visit to China

Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California, tackled a little child while he was playing basketball during his weekend visit to the Beijing Yuying School in China.

Newsom was seen preparing to play a game of basketball with children on the school’s court in a video that was uploaded to X (previously Twitter).

But as soon as the game started, the governor of California was seen throwing one of the pupils to the ground while trying to make a shot.

According to the governor’s press release, Newsom and his spouse, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, left for China on Monday.

They will be touring the nation, seeing Californians residing there, meeting with influential figures, and visiting educational institutions.

The school was chosen in particular for its Farm to School effort, which is supported by Jennifer Newsom’s California for ALL campaign.

Notably, Newsom met with Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping as well as senior Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials during his tour.

These meetings allegedly focused on climate change policies, which are a core component of Newsom’s agenda.

Newsom has come under fire for the visit, which many feel is far too friendly considering China an an brutal Communist dictatorship.

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