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University in Michigan to Reportedly Segregate Graduating Students Based on Race and Gender

A university in the state of Michigan is reportedly coming under fire for conducting five different graduation festivities that were split by race, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

This April, the Multicultural Affairs Office at Grand Valley State University will  now reportedly host separate graduation ceremonies for celebrations for Black students, “Latinx” students, Native American students, and “LGBTQIA+” students.

In addition to these, the institution will have a general graduation ceremony that will be open to all of the students.

In addition, there will be a party reserved specifically for Asian grads.

Those who are in favor of them believe that they demonstrate pride in an institution’s diversity, while others who are opposed to them allege that they are retrograde and needlessly divide students.

In recent years, graduation ceremonies at a number of other liberal colleges, including Columbia University and Harvard, have increasingly taken on rituals that are analogous to those described above.

GOP Senator Tom Cotton previously risked the ire of leftists when he criticized Columbia University’s decision to hold separate graduation events divided by race and gender:

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