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Marjorie Taylor Greene Moves Forward with Motion to Censure Rashida Tlaib Over Allegedly Anti-Semitism

Tuesday will see the introduction of a resolution by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to denounce Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for “antisemitic activity” and sympathizing with a terrorist group.

The goal of the resolution is to reprimand Tlaib “for antisemitic activity, sympathizing with terrorist organizations, and leading an insurrection at the United States Capitol Complex,” a reference to a large-scale protest that took place within the U.S. Capitol last week and resulted in hundreds of protesters being detained.

Tlaib had addressed a throng at a rally hosted by the protest’s organizers.

Greene cited a number of instances in the censure resolution.

One such instance is Tlaib’s remark from 2019 in which she claimed the Holocaust provided her a “calming feeling.”

“There’s always kind of a calming feeling, I tell folks, when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors — Palestinians — who lost their land, and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways, have been wiped out, and some people’s passports,” Tlaib said on a podcast episode at the time.

“And just all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. And I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that, right, in many ways. But they did it in a way that took their human dignity away, and it was forced on them.” she continued.

Additionally, Greene cited Tlaib’s frequently repeated assertions that Israel has a “apartheid government.”

In addition, Greene demanded a probe into the demonstration that took place within the Capitol last week.

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