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Democrat Congressman Suggests George W. Bush For Next House Speaker

Republican legislators are now attempting to restore order to the lower chamber of Congress after nearly a month of chaos after the ouster of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

And now California Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman has suggested that former President George W. Bush could be the one to occupy the vacant Speaker of the House seat.

“He could come back. Obviously, I’m not a real fan of how the Iraq War went, but I would think that any reasonable Republican would be somebody that Democrats could work with — if it was part of a system where you didn’t have five of the most extreme Republicans blocking important legislation and saying, ‘If you bring that to the floor for a vote, we’ll knock you out of your Speakership.’” Sherman said during a recent podcast appearance.

Sherman ripped criticized several of the House of Representatives’ dysfunctional practices, including the recent removal of former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) by the Republican party.

Since the historic removal, the chamber has been unable to vote on bills that would have avoided a government shutdown as well as many other crucial bills.

After conducting two rounds of secret voting, House Republicans last week nominated Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and are expected to support him so that he can take office as Speaker as early as Tuesday at noon.

In his second attempt, Jordan, the chairman of the judiciary committee, earned the GOP nomination on Friday. He won the Republican conference vote against Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) 124-81. Republicans voted 152-55 in favor of supporting Jordan on the House floor in a second secret ballot.

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