[Photo Credit: By IDF Spokesperson's Unit, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=94574550]

New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Say Government Should Support Israel

According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans now believe that the government of the United States should officially back Israel in its conflict with the Palestinian militant organization Hamas.

According to the NPR-PBS News Hour-Marist poll, around 65 percent of Americans believe that the government should openly support Israel.

8 percent of respondents believe the U.S. should publicly criticize Israel, while 23% believe the U.S. should say or do nothing about the issue.

Additionally, the poll indicated that partisanship did not appear to have a significant impact on the outcomes.

Approximately 77% of Republicans, 69 % of Democrats, and 54% of independents indicated they thought the United States should publicly support Israel during the conflict.

Additionally, more than half of Americans believe that the Middle East is safer because of US support for Israel.

This is in light of the poll’s findings that most respondents were “concerned” or “very concerned” that the conflict between Israel and Hamas would spark a wider conflict in the Middle East.

The Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) response to Saturday’s unexpected strikes was deemed suitable by 44% of those polled.

According to the survey, around 25% of participants thought the answer was “too much,” while 27% said it was “too little.”

52 percent of respondents, including 80 percent Republicans and 19 percent Democrats, disapprove of Biden’s response overall.

Less than half of those polled, including 77 percent of Democrats and 16 percent of Republicans, said they approve of the way Biden is conducting the war.

According to the study results, Republicans (39%) are three times as likely than Democrats (13%) to believe that Israel’s military reaction wasn’t strong enough.

The study also revealed that opinions on President Biden’s response to the violence are largely divided between Democrats and Republicans according to political affiliation.

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