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Fox Host Brian Kilmeade Says ‘Put Him in Jail’ About Trump During Clash With Co-Hosts

As his Fox & Friends co-hosts addressed Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial on the day of the trial, Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade let his extremely strong opinions on the matter be known.

The former president is slated to attend the beginning of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ $250 million lawsuit against him and his corporate empire, according to the show on Monday.

As a result of inflating their valuations and misleading banks and insurers into giving him better financial terms than he truly deserved, Trump and the Trump Organization committed fraud, according to pre-trial judgment by New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron.

Since Engoron also ordered the cancellation of the former president’s New York business licenses, Trump’s economic empire is also in jeopardy.

Trump will have to sell his properties if he is unsuccessful in his attempt to have the decision overturned on appeal because he and his family would no longer be permitted to own and manage them.

“The damages would be to the bank and insurance companies on a regular basis, on a small level. If you are grieving your taxes, you talk about how you don’t have a garage or basement. If you are selling your home, you talk about what a great retail you have and you’ve got a pool and a beautiful yard. This is what people do on daily basis.” Kilmeade said.

“And these are the same businesses that he had when he was hosting The Apprentice and shout about running. But, admitted he ran and won, Letitia James and all these politicians feel as though they could make hay and make a name for themselves by taking him on. And now this, to me, is the most egregious example of political targeting… This should alarm every human being.”

However, Steve Doocy took a direct shot at Trump after bringing up his New York properties once more.

“Donald Trump is a real estate developer. He should know how big his apartment is in Trump Tower. Right? Donald Trump said it was 30,000 square feet. It’s actually just 11,000 square feet.” he said.

“Wow! Forget about the carjacking. Donald Trump inflated the size of his apartment! My goodness! Put him in jail!” Kilmeade shot back sarcastically in response.

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