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Republican Contender Dave McCormick Announces Bid for PA Senate Seat

Former hedge fund executive Dave McCormick reportedly announced Thursday evening that he was commencing another campaign for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania, as Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) becomes more vulnerable due to President Joe Biden’s failures as president.

McCormick finished second in the Republican Party primary in 2022, falling short of Dr. Mehmet Oz, the nominee that former President Donald Trump chose to support.

“We cannot lose our country, cannot lose our culture. We cannot accept the status quo.” McCormick said

“That is why today, I am announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate. The hour is late, but our future is bright. But it’s only bright if we elect leaders who: create an economy that works for people who work; defend America from those who weaken us through bad policies, misplaced virtues, and weakness; stand up to China’s aggression; and give people hope, confidence, and faith that the American dream is alive for all.” he continued.

Later on, in what was thought to be a significant opportunity for Republicans to recapture the U.S. Senate, Oz went on to lose against John Fetterman (D) 51.2% to 46.3%.

At Pittsburgh’s Heinz History Center, McCormick, a former member of the US military and Treasury Department employee under former President George W. Bush, announced his candidacy for the Senate.

Biden’s shortcomings as president, according to McCormick, have contributed to America’s deterioration in a variety of ways, including economically, militarily, and spiritually.

The 58-year-old named the southern border crisis, a reduction in manufacturing, rising crime, falling wages, and skyrocketing inflation rates as some of the top issues facing the United States.

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