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California to Reportedly Lose Five Congressional Seats due to People Fleeing the Ultra-Liberal State

Population statistics are reportedly now predicting that California will lose five House seats in the 2030 redistricting process.

The firmly Democratic state is losing citizens, and predictions based on Census Bureau data for 2022 indicate that during the following ten years, the state may lose a sizable amount of representation in Washington.

More than 138,000 people left California last year. 7.1% of San Francisco’s population was lost.

In 2021, California suffered its first seat loss. In the same cycle, Florida gained one seat while Texas gained two.

The figures represent the most recent evidence of difficulties in the most populous state in the nation.

Despite years of budget cuts due to the “defund the police” movement, Los Angeles’ liberal city council was forced last month to invest hundreds of millions of dollars for police salaries due to the city’s rising crime rate.

Rising crime and homelessness rates have presented California with a conundrum that has grown more difficult in recent years.

The Golden State, famous for its beautiful scenery and thriving IT sector, has been dealing with a complicated issue that has attracted the attention of politicians, activists, and locals alike.

Particularly, homelessness has emerged as a noticeable and ongoing issue in several Californian cities.

Numerous reasons, such as growing housing costs, unemployment, and mental health problems, contribute to homelessness.

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