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Stunning New Poll Shows Biden Approval at Dismal 39 Percent and Majority of Democrats Want New Candidate

A new CNN poll has now revealed more devastating results for President Joe Biden, causing renewed concern among Democrats just a year before the 2024 election.

Only 74% of members of Biden’s own party said they thought he was doing a good job as commander in chief, according to the 1,500-respondent study.

This could be a concerning number for Biden considering the normal partisanship shown in most surveys.

Biden will once again be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, according to a large 67% majority of Democratic and Democratic-leaning people, up from 55% in May.

However, a stunning 67% of Democrat respondent believe the party should select someone other than Biden, up from 54% in March.

To make matters worse, Biden currently has a dismal 39% overall approval rating.

The bad news for the incumbent is that, up from 54% in March, 67% of Democrats now want to select someone different than Biden to challenge the Republicans the next year.

More bad news for the incumbent was brought on by Biden’s performance in simulated general election matches in the poll.

The only Republican contender that Biden has an advantage over is Vivek Ramaswamy, who is just one point behind Biden.

A majority of Americans are worried about Biden’s age, capacity to serve another full term as president, and involvement in both his son Hunter Biden’s business transactions and the inquiry into them, according to the poll.

When asked what would worry them the most about a Biden campaign in 2024, 49% immediately cite his age.

Other top worries include his mental acuity (7%) and health (7%) as well as his capacity to handle the job (7%) and his popularity and electability (6%). Only 5% of people say they have no worries.

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