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Fox & Friends Clash Over Potential House Impeachment Case Against Biden

The latest conflict in the ongoing struggle for the Republican Party’s narrative going forward reportedly took place on Fox & Friends’ on Wednesday morning and revolved around the House GOP’s ongoing efforts to impeach President Joe Biden.

Rep. James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, spoke on Hannity on Tuesday night to address his continuing inquiry into alleged bribery and corruption schemes involving Hunter Biden.

After watching the footage, Brian Kilmeade began discussing the things that, in his view, could help persuade more moderate House Republicans.

“And one thing they could be doing is making a case of obstruction, saying, ‘Look, you don’t even know how bad this can be because of the war room they’re about to set up.’ They have slow-walked every single request that was made of this White House, who evidently says that they’re the most transparent White House.” Kilmeade said.

“Matt Gaetz is now threatening to force an impeachment vote. He wants Joe Biden impeached and says he will oust Kevin McCarthy if he continues with that.” co-host Ainsley Earhadt.

“Matt Gaetz is just speaking into the wind. Just look at McCarthy’s slot. He’s not slow walking anything. He only has a small margin!” Kilmeade replied.

“Well, you know, this is not the first impeachment push we have seen with this Republican Congress. Lauren Boebert, the Republicans in Colorado did it back in June over the border. And where did that go? That wound up those articles of impeachment wound up in a committee where they are sitting.” co-host Steve Doocy said, chiming in.

“Don’t you think that Republicans would be for this if there is more information, if they could get a rebuttal if Comer can get proof and he can get to the bottom of that, then Republicans will be all for it. But they definitely need that proof because they are starting impeachment.” Earhardt said.

“The Republicans in those districts that Joe Biden won, they’ve got to be able to say, look, I voted for it because look at this. It shows that there was corruption, actual corruption, not just bank records, but things that show that laws were broken. So far, Comer and company have not been able to put that together.” Doocy said in response.

“It’s so overwhelming. Is anybody with just a discerning mind and is not blatantly biased knows that Joe Biden as Vice President was orchestrating everything,” Kilmeade said.

“He lies every day, and he’s been lying for years, but never before as egregious as this. And not one person has even asked him, did you meet with Tony Bobulinski? Did you? Right. Talk about business deals. Nobody asked him this, and he won’t sit down and talk to anybody.” Kilmeade continued.

“Why don’t the Republicans subpoena him, get him on under oath and have him tell the truth?” Doocy asked in conclusion.

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