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Liberal Reporter Makes False Claim That Evidence Linking Joe Biden to Hunter’s Dirty Business Deals Doesn’t Exist

The evidence linking Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s business operations “doesn’t exist,” a Politico writer reportedly wrongly asserted on Sunday, ignoring the conclusions of congressional investigators and information from Hunter Biden’s laptop archive.

Heidi Przybyla, an investigative writer for Politico, took part in a panel discussion on ABC News’ “This Week” about the 2024 presidential race and former President Donald Trump’s legal problems.

She participated in the discussion by offering her opinions on what Congress should do after its summer break is over.

On August 27, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy claimed that an impeachment investigation is the “natural step forward” and had previously vowed to do so if the Department of Justice (DOJ) attempted to obstruct congressional investigators by using Delaware U.S.

Attorney David Weiss’ special counsel designation. According to reports, the White House has assembled a war room of twenty staff members in anticipation of an impeachment investigation.

According to bank documents disclosed by the House Oversight Committee, the Biden family and its affiliates earned more than $20 million from business partners in the Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania, and Kazakhstan.

Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, testified before House Oversight in July that Joe Biden had spoken to his son’s business associates more than 20 times.

According to Archer’s testimony to House Oversight, Burisma was shielded from judicial examination by the Biden family “brand,” which he particularly associated with Joe Biden.

Additionally, he claimed that Joe Biden had a meeting in Beijing with a Chinese business partner of his son. According to Archer’s testimony, Joe Biden later composed a letter of recommendation for the business associate’s daughter’s college applications.

In addition, the DOJ inquiry into Hunter Biden’s taxes and gun possession is being looked into by the House Ways and Means, Oversight, and Judiciary Committees.

A hidden immunity clause in Hunter Biden’s diversion agreement came under scrutiny by Delaware U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika in July, leading to a dispute between Biden’s defense team and DOJ special counsel Leo Wise over the parameters of Biden’s potential immunity.

As a result, the plea agreement for Hunter Biden was abandoned. The younger Biden had entered a not guilty plea to the tax charges.

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