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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Bursts Out Laughing About Description of Trump’s During Georgia Arrest

The facts of former President Donald Trump’s booking information, which were made public when he turned himself in for jail in Georgia, reportedly caused Morning Joe anchor Joe Scarborough to start laughing out loud live on air.

During his arrest in Fulton County, Georgia on Thursday for 13 counts of election-related crimes in a significant RICO case brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, Trump made history by becoming the first American president to pose for a mugshot.

Reporters eagerly awaited the release of the mugshot after the arrest, but another source of interest has been the booking information that was made public.

This information included details like Trump’s weight of 215 and his hair color as “blonde or strawberry.”

The arrest was covered in detail by a three-ring media circus, with every detail covered in breathless real-time.

It was Trump’s staff who filled up the imaginative description, which NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian pointed out on Friday’s episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Scarborough dissected the statement and broke out in laughter at one particular detail.

“Well, it was a very sobering moment. I mean, the one of the few moments of levity provided by Donald Trump’s staff, self-reported weight and height. I’ve stood next to him many times. I’m about six four, maybe he’s six one, maybe he’s six. One and a half, six two. He’s a good bit shorter, but he is that for 40 minutes, six three and ended up fighting weight of 215. That would be like if my staff reported me describe Mr. Scarborough’s appearance. He looks a lot like Robert Redford in 1974.” Scarborough said.

“Wildly, wildly off. So I I’m not going to tell you where the over under is on Donald Trump’s way in, but it’s a good let’s just say it’s a good 70 or £80 higher than what the staff reported. But, Willie, I’m sure you would describe me as looking like Robert Redford in about 74. But but I don’t know about Donald Trump at 215…” he continued

“The Sundance Kid era. Yeah, exactly. Yes. Yeah. Right in there.” Scarborough’s co-host Willie Geist interjected.

“With or without the mustache?” Scarborough asked.

 “I like it with the stache. I also like the self-reporting of strawberry blond hair. I thought that was a nice flourish as well.” Geist replied.

“Come on! Strawberry blonde!” Scarborough laughed.

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