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Fox News Security Prevents Don Jr. From Attending Post-Debate Event

Don Jr. and his wife Kimberly Guilfoyle were reportedly barred from entering the Republican primary post-debate spin room on Wednesday night by security at the request of Fox News.

On camera, Trump Jr. can be heard telling reporters that he and Guilfoyle were initially assured they could enter the post-debate spin room before later retracting that claim.

According to Trump Jr., Fox News had told the security man on duty not to let the couple in.

“Fox News is trying to censor and silence Trump supporters to protect their hand-picked establishment candidates. That’s a big reason why their ratings are dying, while my father’s interview with Tucker Carlson is already at 93 million views!!!” Trump jr. wrote in a post on X.com:

This, according to Trump Jr., was evidence that, had his father attended the debate, it would have been a “set-up” for him.

Former President Trump chose not to attend the debate, instead taping an interview with Tucker Carlson that was released at the same time the debate began.

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